Custom brake hose made to order.  Manufactured safe OE-Quality brake & clutch hoses.  NAPA Auto Parts.  125 Edgewater St.  Portage, WI 53901.  608-742-7191.

Brake Hose Custom Fit Orders Welcome Call for Imediate Information

Local Napa Auto Parts Dealer Portage WI.

  • Manufacture Safe OE-quality brake and clutch hoses for ALL types of vehicles.
  • Manufacture Hoses that comply with DOT FMVSS106 and SEA J1401
  • Crimps and pressure tests hoses at 3000 psi ... FAST!


Clutch Hose and Brake Hose Accessories

Plates, brackets, fittings most any accessory need for the clutch and brake hose. We use Stainless Steel, Neoprene, Buna N, Plastic, Rubber and Teflon. Use may include water, fuel, air, hydraulic, power steering, food pressure lines.

Call 608-742-7191 for immediate attention of your brake line or clutch line needs. Fast construction and courteous technicians. Ready to answer clutch line and brake line questions or requirements. Both wholesale and retail inquires are welcome.



Any Hose Any Steel Line
We Can Make It!

Call us to order quality hoses when you need them. The average life of brake hose is about six years. Your brake hose dealer out of stock? The brake hose or clutch line is no longer being manufactured? We can make the difference in brake hose and clutch hose availability. Custom orders are welcome! 608-742-7191 Stainless steel brake line, teflon find all types of brake lines and custom clutch lines
Clutch Line & Brake Line Fittings

Brake Line And Clutch Line Fittings

Brake Line and Clutch Line Brackets

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